Another Three Years Pass and still drinking Sours

Three years on, and still drinking sours! What's changed, what hasn't, and what's next.

Last time I wrote an entry to my blog was more than three years ago... which was a post about how I hadn't posted in three years. 😅 It's hard to find the time to do the things we enjoy... or maybe I was just doing other things I enjoyed more through the pandemic (here's looking at you, Stardew Valley and Slay the Spire).

Since I last posted, I left my startup job I loved at Flexe, for another startup called Remitly (even was able to experience my first IPO there) and now have left Remitly as well. While I take a break (for the first time ever in my employment history) I am reflecting on my career, the twists and turns it has taken, and what I love (and yes, what I hate) about the work I have been doing now for over a decade. I have learned a lot about myself, and with time to analyze here are some of my findings, in no particular order...

Things which motivate or excite me:

  • A mission: I realize I much prefer to work for companies who have a mission I believe betters the world in someway, or at least does not actively lead to its destruction.
  • A challenge: I really enjoy solving puzzles, whether technical in nature or just a jigsaw on my kitchen table.
  • People: I enjoy working with people I respect and connect with, whether on a personal or professional level, mentoring and being mentored are extremely important to me.

Some other things I have realized, more generally, is I really do enjoy early stage startups. I love helping build up a team or organization, and bootstrapping engineering process and culture. I find it very fulfilling, and hope to have an opportunity to do so again in the future.

Communication Is Key Lime

So through all the changes I have gone through personally and professionally over the last three years, I am still drinking sours! The beer I am reviewing today is from Sig Brewing Co. down in Tacoma, WA. They make a "key lime pie pastry sour" called Communication is Key Lime.

Communication is Key Lime beer label art from Sig Brewing Co.

This beer is... bizarre. It's thick, almost viscous in consistency (not as much as their MG 2020, which I could not drink, a little to weird for me). The sour pours hazy green in the glass, and if I hadn't known better, I would have assumed it was a green juice or smoothie. The taste, though, was worth the strangeness. Sour, sweet, and very much reminiscent of key lime pie: a favorite dessert of mine! I give it a 3.5 / 5. Definitely worth a try, and I might drink it again, but I wouldn't seek it out specifically.

What's Next?

I am drafting a multi-part series of articles about my adventures in Rust! I've decided to join the Rustaceans, and have gone through the Rust book, some playground tutorials, and other resources. And of course... beer reviews! Cheers, and next it won't be three years... 🍻